Remembering 9.11

Today’s Guest Blogger is City Year New York’s Executive Director, Itai Dinour

As New York City, the country, and the world prepare for the 9.11 day of Reflection, Remembrance, and Service, I consider myself fortunate to work in an environment filled with positive people who are so passionate about increasing the good in our world. With somberness in the air, the day forces me to stop and take stock of the things I value.

9.11 has a special place in the founding of City Year New York. On that tragic day, even before there was a site in our city, red jackets happened to be serving with Timberland in the South Bronx. Despite the news of the morning, Timberland and City Year made a commitment to not only finish that day’s projects, but to serve on future 9.11 days as a way of remembering the good in our society.

In addition, it was the overwhelming civic spirit and pride that enveloped New York City in the aftermath of the tragedy that mobilized City Year alumni to lobby the national organization to open a site in New York as a living tribute.

Now ten years later, we have kept our commitment and Sunday will be no exception as our 9th corps will participate in a day of service led by City Year staff and alumni at the Rutgers Community Center in the Lower East Side, barely a mile away from the World Trade Center. Our efforts on Sunday are just one part of our ongoing pledge to harness the civic potential of Americans as they rally to address community needs, including the high school drop-out crisis.

Wherever Sunday finds you, I invite you to pause and reflect on what this day means for you and your service journey – to share your reflections and commitments on 9.11, please visit