Civic Engagement Spotlight: Word of Mouth

Today’s Civic Engagement Spotlight is brought to you by Simone Sampson, Service Leader on the NYCE Team. 

Never underestimate the power of “ word of mouth”. On Saturday September 17th, thanks to word of mouth, 21 Hiscox USA volunteers and many community members came out to revitalize Stebbin-Hewiits’ garden space.

Last Spring, Christine Foster, Chair of the CYNY Associate Boardhosted a City Year “Friend-raiser” at her home and in attendance was Amy Kingswell, who works at Hiscox USA. A year later, Hiscox USA asked for suggestions about where to do a day of service and Amy suggested City Year.

“Today has really reminded me of what teamwork means, how much we can complete when we work together.”

The Stebbin-Hewitt Housing Development is located in the Longwood community of the South Bronx. Many of the children who live Stebbin-Hewitts, attend or have attended a school City Year serves in. Ray Sarano, President of the Resident Association, has worked alongside community members to create the community garden where on Saturday, we adding; 3 picnic tables, 2 planter box benches, a tree bench and a mural.

The full day of service included a BBQ in which community members offered food and thanks. “City Year and Hiscox came in and enhanced our community, thank you,” said Case Campbell, community member, and  Mr. Sarano said it best, “Today has really reminded me of what teamwork means, how much we can complete when we work together.”

Some Hiscox USA volunteers also commented on the success of the day, “Great Day- Well organized” and “An amazing day, great to see how much you can achieve with one day out of the office.”

On Saturday we worked together to create a beautiful lasting transformation. Nearly all the Hiscox USA volunteers said they would recommend a City Year Service Day to a friend or colleague – let’s hope word of mouth continues to travel.

Pictures from this event are highlighted on the the Hiscox USA Facebook page.