3 Reasons to Apply Early

Our first application deadline is September 30th

But with 4 application deadlines – what’s the rush?

As you consider applying to City Year, know that applying early has its benefits!

  1. We love an applicant with a plan: Applying early shows the initiative that we love to see in our Corps Members. Getting your completed application submitted before the deadline shows that you are clearly interested in City Year.
  2. Get in the front of the line: As the year goes on, we receive more and more competitive applications while the available spots decrease. City Year starts the admissions process as soon as we receive your complete application. By applying early, you put yourself at the “front of the line” for consideration and processing.
  3. Apply Earlier, Know Earlier: The sooner your apply, the sooner you will know if you are accepted. This will give you plenty of time to plan for your year of service. Plus – it will feel good to be the first one of your friends to have your job for next year nailed down.

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