Cisco Systems Service Day

Today’s blog comes from one of our frequent guest bloggers, Simone Sampson. She serves on our New York Civic Engagement team and works as the Volunteer Experience Coordinator. She has the opportunity to write about all of the exceptional service days we host with our City Year sponsors and supporters.

We’ve only just begun the new year, but we didn’t want to move on until we shared with you the last powerful service day of 2011. On December 15th, Cisco Systems joined us to provide a full day of service in the Longwood community of the South Bronx.

A group of Cisco Systems volunteers work on a bench on the stage at MS 302.

Cisco Systems served in M.S. 302, a City Year partnered school for the last 3 years, and P.S. 130, City Years newest school partnership. In over 150 hours of service, 45 Volunteers worked on teams to complete transformational service. Volunteers completed 5 benches, 9 mural benches, remodeled M.S. 302’s Library, P.S. 130’s Teachers’ Lounge and Family Room and catalogued over 1,300 books to be bought back by the Department of Education.  Also, for the first time Cisco Systems volunteers had the opportunity to engage eighty-nine 5th grade students from P.S. 130.

We are proud to have partnered with Cisco Systems again, an organization that has been a City Year advocate for over 8 years, and it was exciting to work together to provide a wonderful day of service.

Cisco Systems volunteers try out their newly constructed bench! Great job, guys!