Infograph: How do City Year Corps Members Spend Their Day?

“How do City Year corps members spend their day?”

This is a question we hear at City Year all the time. Applicants want to know what to expect, parents want to know what their kids are doing, and our currents corps members don’t know where the time goes. Last month we asked our corps how they spend their day and the infograph below shares those results.

Some of the fun facts that we found are that we have one corps member who takes one ferry, one bus, and two trains to their school everyday (that’s dedication!), the New Girl is the most watched new TV show, and that our corps members are very generous when it comes to High Fives during Morning Greeting – I think there were some outliers that skewed the results on that one…

We also got a look at how long the average corps member spends working with off track students helping them with their Attendance, Behavior, and Course Performance in math and English.  Check it out below and let us know if this what you expected, if you are an alum how have things changed, or if you are in this year’s corps how does this measure up to your day.