This week’s 5 Things Friday features quotes collected from some of the students we serve in after school. To read the complete list of quotes, click here.

1. “I like coming to City Year because they help me to be better. I get in less fights because of City Year and they help me with my school work.”

Steve, 8th grade, MS 302

2. “I love City Year because they love me.”

Alex, 2nd grade, PS 75

3. “I like City Year because they help us finish all our homework and we get to do fun things like PT. My favorite is head, shoulders, knees, and toes!”

Gianni, 5th grade, PS/MS 57

4. “I like City Year. City Year teaches you about teamwork, how to be responsible and respectful.”

Lizz, 7th Grade, MS 302

5. “The arrival of CY has already made a difference in our school. It is always inspiring to see those red shadows!”

Jiawen, 12th grade, Newtown Highschool