February Open House

On Wednesday February 1st, City Year New York will be hosting another Open House. Attending this event will provide you with a valuable opportunity to become familiar with City Year, mingle with current corps members and staff as well as receive information about the application process. In preparation for our next Open House, we would like to share with you some thoughts from current corps member, Daniel Stern, on what to expect at the Open House.  Daniel, who serves at JHS 13 in East Harlem, actually attended an Open House last year and because of that experience ended up applying to City Year.

Back in April 2011, I attended a City Year New York Open House, and it was a crucial stepping stone in my decision to join City Year. Most important for me was being able to meet the types of people that work in City Year so that I could put things into perspective in terms of who my coworkers would be. I do believe that it is important to feel out the vibes of an organization but putting faces to the information and the open house allowed me to do so. In addition, I found the open house to be very helpful in making my decision specifically from the video, which put statistics pertaining to the dropout crisis into perspective in an engaging and meaningful manner. And, as a final note, something that really stood out to me was how much the staff members were smiling when they were relaying information about the organization, conveying to me that even though the work is evidently quite challenging, the rewarding factor ultimately outweighs all else.


Date: Wednesday, February 1st 2012

Location: 20 West 22nd St, 3rd floor

Time: 6:30 pm