Alumni Spotlight: Adrienne Antonio NY ’11

Today’s guest blogger is Sarah Shutt, CYNY Events & Alumni Project Leader. City Year recently grew to two new cities: Sacramento, CA and Orlando, FL. Today’s Alumni Spotlight features CYNY alumna and City Year Sacramento Start Up Team Senior Corps Member, Adrienne Antonio. City Year Sacramento is starting to recruit their first corps. For more information on joining the corps, check out their website here

As the Events & Alumni Project Leader, I get the opportunity to work with City Year Alumni from all over. What’s really exciting about my job is that I get to see City Year grow into cities in need and watch our alumni network expand along with it. The City Year Sacramento Start Up Team has recruited a CYNY alumna, Adrienne Antonio ’11. Last year, Adrienne served on the PS 83 Bain and Company team and after graduation, she headed back home to sunny California. Adrienne now serves on the City Year Sacramento Start Up team as a senior corps member. I’m proud to have served alongside Adrienne. We both took leadership roles during Enrichment Week and supported a camp for elementary school students in Long Island City, Queens. We took some time recently to catch up and I was able to ask her some questions about her experience in NY, CA, and her plans for the future:

Adrienne attended the University of California, Santa Barbara and received a degree in Sociology.

Sarah (S): Why did you apply to City Year Sacramento?

Adrienne (A): I applied to City Year Sacramento because I knew I wanted to be a part of City Year again.  And I thought it would be a great opportunity to help spread more of City Year in my home state, California.  I knew it was going to be a unique experience that I didn’t want to miss out on.  

S: Tell me a little more about your position. What do you do?

A: On the start up team, I promote City Year Sacramento through round tables, serve in an elementary school piloting literacy initiatives, outreach to potential applicants and run physical service day projects with local community members.

S: What’s the most exciting thing about being on a start up team?

A: The fact that we got to meet with Mayor Kevin Johnson in the first week we were in Sacramento was amazing! Mayor Johnson was a huge leader in getting City Year Sacramento started and he is truly excited to for City Year to be in his home town.  In addition, it has been a great pleasure to meet the Founding Committee and other great individuals who helped the Start Up.

S: What’s the most challenging thing about being on a start up team?

A: The most challenging thing so far is trying to create our CY Sacramento culture pieces such as–spirit break, callbacks, etc.  The Start Up team is determined to start things right and to create a strong foundation for the many years to come.

S: What skills from your City Year New York corps experience are you using as a member of the City Year Sacramento start up team?

A: I’ve carried on the importance of relationship building with the team, school administration and staff, and most importantly, the students.

S:  Do you miss NYC? What do you miss the most?

A: I definitely miss the students and my teacher, Ms. M, at PS 83. 

S: As a Senior Corps member, what is your Life After City Year (LACY) plan as of now?

A: I am still deciding if I want to apply for another CYSAC position for next year.  I’m looking for as many opportunities as possible to continue getting experience in Youth Development in relation with Social Work.

S: What are your long-term professional goals?

A: I plan to apply to graduate school to recieve a Masters in Social Work.  I really want to continue working with the youth and maybe stay connected with the education sector as a School Social Worker or School Counselor.  

The City Year Sacramento Start Up team at a retreat at City Year Headquarters in Boston.