Five Things Friday: Enrichment Week Student Profiles

This week, over 600 students from the neighborhoods we serve joined us for Enrichment Week! Students ages 5-16 in grades from K-9 were engaged through sports and recreational activities, service learning lessons, leadership workshops, arts activities, and fields trips to Materials for the Arts, Brooklyn Historical Society, Sony Wonder Tech Lab, the Bronx River Alliance, the Microsoft building (just the name a few).

A job well done to the 80+ corps members who took on Enrichment Week staff roles and spent the last 3 months planning this initiative and to all the corps members and staff who supported the programs! To celebrate the success of the week, today’s 5 Things Friday features students and their favorite things about Camp City Year, Middle school Summit, and High School Leadership Academy.

1. April Wai, 9th grade, Newtown H.S.

What is your favorite thing about Academy?

“Break dancing. It was a lot of fun!”

Would you come to Academy again next year?

“Yeah, totally! It’s fun and City Year gives us a positive energy to be around!”

2. Josiah Richardson, 4th grade, PS 149, East New York

What’s your favorite thing about Camp City Year?

“The gym games! We play basketball and throw the football around!”

Would you come to Camp City Year again next year?

“As long as my mom signs the paper, I would!”

3. Christopher Deary, 5th grade, PS 130, Bronx

What is your favorite part about Camp City Year?

“I have three: Mr. Alex, Mr. Brian, and Harold “The Bully” Bullard (played by senior corps member, Brett Portnoy) from the assemblies. I like Mr. Alex because he knows all the cool games like tug-o-war and dodge ball. Mr. Brian is an awesome team leader and I like “the Bully” because he’s bad!”

Would you come to Camp City Year again next year?

“Yes! I would come back because it’s so, so, so much fun!”

4. Naomy Bell, 9th grade, Sheepshead Bay H.S

What is your favorite thing about Academy?

“My favorite thing was when we went to the Microsoft Office!”

What do you love the most about working with City Year?

“Ms. Ashley! She’s my favorite because she is nice and helps me with my work. She also always takes extra time to tutor me. She has worked really hard to put together these workshops.”

5. Ashanti Meade, 8th grade, MS 424, South Bronx

Why did you want to come to Summit instead of staying home this break?

“Because usually when I’m home I have nothing to do and I came last year and it was really fun!”

What do you love the most about working with City Year?

“They help me get over being shy and they’re a lot of fun!”