Budgeting with Barclays

Today guest blogger is Ylia Wilson who currently serves as a senior corps Service Leader on the New York Civic Engagement (NYCE) team. On the NYCE team, Ylia serves as the Project Planner where she is responsible for designing the service projects for volunteers to complete on service days. Read more below to hear about this unique project she supported at IS 204 in Queens.

On May 1st, 30 Human Resources Department volunteers from Barclays made their way to IS 204, the Oliver Holmes School in Long Island City, Queens to help run a financial lesson for the 6th-8th grade students in City Year After School. They arrived to the school shortly after the last bell rang and after a quick orientation in the auditorium, volunteers supported Homework Help, working with students one-on-one to complete their assignments. Both the volunteers and students then enjoyed a healthy snack of fresh fruits, vegetables, and granola bars with students in the cafeteria.

Volunteers from Barclays review elements from the budgeting lesson.

The students were divided into teams with two volunteers and one City Year corps member where they received a different monthly income amounts in paper money based on different levels of education such as high school dropout, high school graduate, college graduate, or post-college degree. Each team traveled to six different stations and had to decide how to spend their money on rent/utilities, groceries, shopping/entertainment, healthcare, transportation, and savings. Every group was engaged in conversation throughout the entire activity.

Students pay attention as one volunteer shares ways to save on transportation.

After the main activity, volunteers debriefed with their students and talked about what they learned and how they will use this information in the future. As students left for the day, they each received a gift bag filled with donated Barclays supplies including a notebook, post-it notes, pencils, and a toy car.

The students at IS 204 are still talking about the lesson and getting to spend time with the group from Barclays. This afternoon has certainly left a lasting impression on these students and prepared them with invaluable knowledge about financial literacy. Thank you to Barclays for your continued support and commitment to City Year and to the IS 204 community for participating in such an inspiring afternoon!