Collaboration Plus Innovation Equals Success

Today’s guest blogger is Emmanuel Paul Sterling, Regional Recruitment Manager for City Year. Emmanuel has worked closely with SUNY-New Paltz to recruit exceptional young people to serve with City Year. 

The partnership between City Year and SUNY-New Paltz has been nothing short of a success since building the foundation! Each semester, I have the opportunity to visit the campus, build strategies around the coming semester with the career services office, and meet some of the most amazing students.

While registering the first round of incoming City Year New York corps on Friday, July 13, 2012, I had the pleasure of meeting so many young idealists who will work in NYC neighborhoods this year. There were three young ladies in particular whose stories sounded familiar.  New York natives Pamela Vivanco, Stephanie Peralto, and Tina Cherny paths to City Year all began at SUNY-New Paltz where they’d met someone or read something from their career center about changing the lives of inner-city youth.


Pamela Vivanco, Stephanie Peralto, and Tina Cherny. Three of City Year New York’s incoming corps members.

These young women all spoke about wanting to have an impact working with students and taking advantage of this opportunity with City Year, and also mentioned why they felt destined for success. Stephanie and Pam studied Sociology with a concentration in Human Services and Tina tutored a freshmen composition course. They spoke highly of the required field work and conversations led by their peers and advisors at New Paltz that gave them insight about where their passions lay.

I cannot thank the staff in the SUNY New Paltz career center enough for continuing to work with me to strengthen our partnership and send some of their best students to City Year. This year we’ve seen over a 100% growth in application numbers and 450% growth in students accepted to serve across the country. Earlier in the year, I went to Erica Wagner from the Career Services Office and her Director Tonda Highley about hosting events that would give me access to their students from Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP), Honors Programs, and Student Government. I created this target list because many of the students applying to City Year from New Paltz were from these cohorts. The Career Office introduced me to key staff members and allowed me to host their colleagues for City Year presentations.


Diones Adorno, City Year New York Team Leader.

Because of New Paltz’s willingness to grow their application number and diversify their pool, I am excited to have welcomed Diones Adorno to City Year New York. Diones will serve in the Team Leader role leading a group of his peers through their year of service. I met Diones during an event at New Paltz where he shared how he would benefit from coming back to NYC to work for City Year and what he was looking to gain from a year of service. New Paltz’s career center has gone above and beyond to prepare their students for opportunities after New Paltz with City Year. I am looking forward to continuing our partnership and building upon our successes.