The CSX MS 302X Team Treats Students to a Fall Carnival Celebrating Positive Behavior

Today’s guest bloggers are Ben Fechter and Sophia Tieman. Ben and Sophia serve with City Year New York on the CSX MS 302X team in The Bronx. 

On Friday, October 19th we held our first event of the year at M.S. 302X, a successful 2012 Fall Fest. Students earned their way in by paying 40 PBIS dollars and by wearing their uniform. PBIS, Positive Behavior Intervention Support, is a school-wide incentive system that rewards students who go above and beyond the classroom expectations. Students who earn PBIS money can redeem their earnings for valuable electronics and other fun gifts at the PBIS store.

City Year New York Corps member Ben Fechter leading Trivia

At the Fall Fest, we offered a number of activities, including pumpkin decorating, trivia, face painting, Chubby Bunny, ring toss, and picture taking. Twice throughout the evening, we paused activities in order to turn the focus on a free throw contest and a dance-off. Each activity awarded students raffle tickets, and the students were able to choose from a list of prizes. The students could choose from options like lunch with a City Year corps member, school supplies, candy, and Pie-a-CY. The food table was run by fellow corps member Vanessa Cardinal and two eager student helpers. Chips, pretzels, candy, and juice were on the menu as students could trade in their raffle tickets to redeem the treat of their choice.

By far, the most anticipated event was Pie-a-CY, which gave five lucky students the opportunity to throw a whipped cream pie in our faces. None of us were prepared for how messy this would be. It got in our hair, noses, ears, and everywhere in between. The student audience of about 200 screamed and cheered with delight as the pies smacked into our faces and splattered onto the walls.

MS 302X corps members participating in the Pie-a-CY portion of the event.

Despite a few unexpected obstacles, our meticulous planning paid off. The Fall Fest was a wild success and offered something for everyone. It definitely fostered school community by bringing the administration, students, and City Year team together.

After the students were ushered out of the school, we practiced good City Year culture by making sure we “campfired” the gym, meaning we left it cleaner than it was when we found it. Our team left the building tired and sticky from Pie-a-CY, but we look forward to hosting our next successful event.