HSBC IS 204Q Team Hosts Cupcake Decorating Event To Celebrate Achievements in Attendance

Today’s guest blog post comes from the HSBC IS 204 Team serving in Long Island City, Queens.

On Tuesday, November 13th, we organized a cupcake-decorating event for all our attendance focus list students. The event was supposed to take place two weeks prior; however, because of the hurricane, we had to reschedule. We were really excited for this event because we were able to get to know our students better, play games, and help them decorate their cupcakes, all while emphasizing the importance of school attendance. The students really enjoyed the attention they received from us and their peers and the tasty treats! The school administration was very cooperative; they called our students up to be first in line for lunch so that they would have enough time to participate in our event. Then the students came to our table and proudly handed us their invitations with big smiles on their faces. Since the VIP table was ‘invitation only,’ the kids felt special in front of their friends.

Our entire team collaborated to make this event a success for our students! After getting the supplies for the event, some of our team members baked the goods at their houses the night before the event. Because our budget was low, we had to get creative. Instead of buying tips to decorate the cupcakes, we made our own piping material using a Ziploc bag, vanilla frosting and food dye. Overall, the students and corps members had a really great time! We are looking forward to the next Positive School Climate event!