National Grid and the Sheepshead Bay High School Teams Strengthen Partnership

Today’s guest blogger is Cole Carothers. Cole serves with City Year New York on the National Grid 10th Grade team at Sheepshead Bay High School in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. 

The Corps Members serving at Sheepshead Bay High School in Brooklyn were in for an uplifting experience when their sponsor, National Grid, came to visit their school recently. National Grid is an international energy company that seeks to provide its customers with clean, low cost and reliable energy. Additionally, National Grid actively works to enrich the communities that it serves by sponsoring programming and initiatives that support their Three E’s policy. The Three E’s that National Grid focuses on are Energy, Environment and Education.  National Grid believes that these “three areas are critical to the core business of our company moving forward. We want to ensure our approach is sustainable and enables us to build meaningful long-term relationships with the community.”

The day of the visit was a day like many others at Sheepshead Bay High School. Corps members arrived at the usual time, students lined up outside the doors to enter the building. To start off the day with the National Grid Team, City Year staff introduced the overall core values of City Year and our tiered model of intervention. Following the introductions, the video highlighting the potential of each student was shown which led into a quick discussion of the importance of the work that City Year does and a chance for the two teams to get to know each other.

During the roundtable with some of the corps members and National Grid team, the participants were able to learn more about the individualized experiences of their counterparts.  Corps members had the privilege to hear meaningful advice about future careers and National Grid members had the chance to better understand and support the work of the corps members.

Mike Ruiz from National Grid had the opportunity to speak with a few corps members. In response to his being asked about his visit to SBHS and meeting the corps members at the school he stated:

“We at National Grid believe that City Year’s mission of helping students stay in school and succeed in Sheepshead Bay High school as well as schools across the country is both exciting and commendable.  National Grid is proud to support City Year in its efforts to make a difference in a student’s education.  Meeting the members and witnessing first hand young people’s dedication and commitment to motivating students who are struggling to learn was inspiring.”

Both National Grid and the City Year Sheepshead Bay High School teams look forward to maintaining a strong and meaningful partnership throughout the year.