City Year Team at Central Park East Middle School Organizes Student Spelling Bee

Today’s guest blogger is Zev Klapholz. Zev serves with City Year New York at Central Park East Middle School in East Harlem. 


This week at Central Park East Middle School, our students competed in the final round of the spelling bee the City Year team organized and put on. Approximately forty students participated in the first round, with eleven advancing to the highly anticipated final round. The school’s top spellers came out ready to put their skills to the test. The finalists would come up individually to spell one word in front of a crowd of enthusiastic peers. One faulty spelling results in immediate elimination, making the tension to spell each word correctly ever higher. Each of the finalists impressed in the first round, with everyone advancing. But, as the rounds progressed, the words got harder and the number of contestants started to dwindle. By the fourth round, only three contestants remained. It took one more round for the champion to claim victory.

Each of those final three wanted to win the final prize, but by making it that far, they had already won! Central Park East Middle School sponsored the top three finalist’s enrollment in the Scripps National Spelling Bee. The top three students will be advancing on to a borough-wide competition, with the potential to advance even further! This event was a major success with all forty students showing their enthusiasm for spelling, and the top three proving they have the potential to compete against anyone!