Another President to Celebrate

Today’s guest blogger is Andrew Messer, Corps Member on the P.S. 112 Citizens Team, serving in Long Island City, Queens. As we celebrate President’s day, Andrew sat down with President Jayson, from the P.S. 112 student government to hear his thoughts about his role.

As part of an initiative to give our students a voice in the matters affecting their school, City Year helps run the P.S. 112 student government. Much like our federal government, P.S. 112’s student government has a determined leader dedicated to change and reform. While his term is far from completion, 5th grade student, Jayson Espinal, has made the best of his time in office thus far. Jayson and his “student cabinet,” consisting of his vice president along with the presidents and vice presidents of the 3rd and 4th grade, have taken steps to curb bullying and promote school spirit. Through a recent interview, I got the chance to speak to Mr. President himself:

Andrew Messer (AM): How did you campaign?

President Jayson (PJ): I just tried to be myself. I also got a lot of help from my friends. They helped me a lot with my speech.

AM: What’s the most important thing you’ve been able to do as President?

PJ: In our meetings, we have worked to come up with plans to stop bullying. We came up with the idea to put bookmarks on doors that tell students bullying is bad. I have also worked on the opening of our new library, which I am really excited about.

AM: How has P.S. 112 changed since you’ve been president?

PJ: Last year, I saw a lot of bullying and only a couple people tried to stop it. Now, there are definitely more people trying to stop it and there is not as much bullying.

AM: Between now and the end of the school year, what do you think you’ll be working on?

PJ: For now, I would say many different events. We want to plan a field day and another talent show. I also am trying to work on getting the school new school equipment. Also, I am hoping to try to get more drills, such as lockdown drills, to help make our school safety better.

AM: Who is your favorite president?

PJ: Abraham Lincoln because when slavery was happening, he passed laws to stop it. If it wasn’t for him, P.S. 112 would be much less diverse.

AM: Mr. President, what are your future plans? And what will you be doing this President’s day?

PJ: I want to be a video game designer. On President’s day, I am just going to spend some time with my cousins, grandfather, and father.

The corps members at P.S. 112 are excited to continue working with Jayson to help the school reach its full potential. Jayson has demonstrated that he is a strong leader and is evidence that the presidents that have made it to the White House may not be the only ones worth celebrating.