Reflection: Summer 2013 Interns

GroupInterns2013City Year New York is extremely lucky to have interns that support our organization and who are always willing to help. While the interns have all had different experiences in different departments, they have all walked away from their internship with valuable skills. Below are some of our summer interns’  reflections on their experiences:


Name: Elvis Diaz
College/major:  Junior at Berry College/ Finance
CY department: Admissions and Recruitment Team

My favorite project was working with the master spread sheet and keeping track of all of the incoming corps members. It probably sounds boring that I enjoyed being on excel the whole time, but I found it to be fun, as well as a learning experience. As finance major I will be forced to use excel, so being able to already familiarize myself with it was awesome. Another favorite project of mine was the beautiful map that my co-intern, Laura, and I made which shows where all of the incoming CMs are from. (It’s hanging on one of the City Year office walls!)

Laura Fields

Name: Laura Fields
College/Major: Senior at the University of Miami / Human and Social Development and minors in Management and Sociology
CY Department: Recruitment & Admissions

My favorite project this summer was creating the June Confirmed Corps Members Newsletter. The comprehensive 9 page newsletter included a step-by-step guide to finding an apartment, housing resources, popular neighborhood overviews, transportation tips, resources for finding roommates, and ways to stretch your dollar in New York City (a fun end to an otherwise daunting e-mail). Drafting the newsletter and housing guide allowed me to put my creativity, research skills, and writing to the test, and I am confident that the finished product was a useful resource for many of the nearly 300 incoming corps members. A year of service is already a challenge, and for many corps members finding an apartment from thousands of miles away or going to New York for the first time is another added stress. The newsletter and housing guide project taught me the importance of making the transition into the hustle and bustle of New York life as simple and straightforward as possible for the new corps members so that they are settled in and ready to rock when their year of service starts!


Name: Emily Beimfohr
College/Major: Washington University in St. Louis/ International Relations and Spanish
CY Department: Development

I really enjoyed having the opportunity to help out with the organization and planning of special events for CYNY over the summer and into the upcoming fiscal year, in addition to the research projects that I worked on with the Development team throughout the summer. I was able to work alongside the special events and gifts managers in seeing through the total event process, from the initial planning stages to the final event day, which taught me a lot about event planning, outreach to donors and sponsors, and proposal follow-ups. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to gain meaningful experience within the non-profit sector and I look forward to putting to use everything the City Year team has taught me this summer.


Name: Lauren Evans
College/major: NYU
CY Department: Operations

My favorite project as an operations intern was supporting Amanda G. with managing the site budget. Within my first month at CYNY, Amanda gave me the task of creating Pivot Tables and updating all the budgets and I was more than excited to expand my Excel skills. Getting a chance to work with the CYNY budgets and see how the post-Pivot Table process worked gave me great context into how an $11 million non-profit allocates and used its finances. My desire to dive deeper into this piece of my role was a huge contributing factor into my decision to continue my internship into the summer. Almost 7 months into my internship, I now manage the whole budget process from when the General Ledger arrives each month to when the Budget Analysis email goes out to the Leadership Team. This project has been a tangible learning opportunity and I feel like I’ll leave my internship with a really valuable skill set. I’m also a huge Excel nerd so it’s great to have such a robust, yet enjoyable project to work on!

To read more about her experience, click here.



Name: Jennifer Hardy
College/major: New York University/Philosophy and French
CY department: Operations

For the past eight months I have interned in the Operations department at City Year New York as the Corps Operations Intern. During this internship, I have had the opportunity to work on a project called “Operation Campfire” which quickly became my favorite assignment. With Operation Campfire, I have attempted to improve the organizational logistics of the office by redesigning signs of “maps” of each office space so that staff and Corps Members know how to effectively campfire a space that they have used. I have also redesigned the labeling of the kitchen and supply cabinets and reorganized each of the spaces. Most recently I have converted the Communications room into a third conference room- The Situation Room. This opportunity has provided me with valuable communication skills, allowed me to channel my own creativity into the designs of the signs, and increased my capacity for multi-tasking and prioritizing through the many aspects of this assignment.

Samantha Wasserman
College/Major: Middlebury College/ Neuroscience
CY department: Program & Service
I have spent a lot of time helping to enter all of the students’ grades and attendance information into a database to send to headquarters. I have found it really interesting and valuable to get to see the students’ performance first hand in order to better understand what kinds of things the corps members are dealing with. Although challenging, I have also enjoyed working with Nina (Training Operations intern) to create the schedules for BTA because I like being able to learn more about the training that the corps members go through before starting in the schools.


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