American Express Supports Our Corps’ Preparation for a Year of Service

Every August, City Year New York welcomes a new group of idealistic Corps Members who dedicate a year of their lives to work in under-resourced public schools as near-peer tutors and mentors. Before they enter schools and begin their work with students, every Corps Member goes through Basic Training Academy (BTA), a month of training dedicated to building knowledge around the national service movement, City Year’s role, and the work we do in schools.

With City Year New York’s Corps Members celebrating their first week in schools, we took a moment to reflect with our corps about their experiences at BTA. Across the board, Corps Members have been expressing how impressed they are with the presented information. One CM in East Harlem said BTA has been “really informative and useful [in building] the foundation and groundwork” while another commented on how welcomed he felt from the “tons of energy and City Year culture.” Looking ahead, they are both excited and prepared to enter schools as well as continue to improve skills and build upon concrete goals.

Thanks to American Express’ generous support of the training and leadership of our Corps Members, City Year New York is able to provide opportunities like BTA and more. In the upcoming months, Corps Member can look forward to Friday trainings that delve deeper into aspects of their in-school service as well as their professional development. They will also attend Mid-Year Summit, a training retreat in February to refocus and strengthen our understanding of what is to come in the second half of the year for their students and themselves.

Thank you American Express for your support of our Corps Members, not only in their service but also in their Leadership After City Year.