Honing Skills Through H’University

Today’s guest blogger is Cole Carothers, Team Leader of the New York Civic Engagement Team. She’s currently enrolled with H’University.  

Harry’s is a young, progressive company that strives for perfection with their products, and is also dedicated to helping prepare people to reach their full potential through their “Give a Shave Program. ” Through this program, the company partners with organizations like City Year to give at least 1% of their employee time and 1% of sales.

When I discovered the opportunity to work closely with Harry’s staff and learn the ins-and-outs of a startup business through H’University, I had to get involved.  H’University is a seven week curriculum, which features skills-focused webinars taught by entrepreneurial all-stars like the Founder of Warby Parker, the Founder of Pencils for Promise, the Director of Innovation at Ebay, and many more.

As the Civic Engagement Team Leader, I work alongside business leaders to improve aspects of our society through service days and encourage our corporate partners to continue making an impact on the drop out crisis through continued support of City Year. This year I have discovered through my senior corps role that I have an interest in pursuing a career in the business world but I had no idea what that interest actually meant. I have always found the realm of cause-related marketing (or corporate giving) very interesting but I wasn’t entirely sure how to find out more. That’s where H’University came in.

H’University’s informative and fun online class series, their welcoming office hours in their Manhattan office and the staff’s commitment to the success of the students has made this an experience of a life time. I am learning straight from the mouths of some of the industry’s most influential leaders and ultimately, discovering my place in it all. In addition to the classes I am putting some of what I have learned to test by submitting challenges (which are like assignments) and will hopefully land an internship with one of Harry’s many partner companies when the program is over.

Through the “Give a Shave” program I have also had the chance to get my resume reviewed by one of Harry’s staff members, Laura Willming who gave me great advice and fantastic book recommendations. All in all, I could not be more thankful to the staff at Harry’s for this awesome experience.  #Winning

For more information and the opportunity to get involved, please check out https://www.harrys.com/

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