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Name: Annette Perez
Hometown: New York, NY (East Harlem)
College/Major: CUNY Brooklyn College/ Secondary English Education
Q: How did you hear about City Year?
I first heard about City Year in my own very neighborhood – Harlem. My mom, who works in P.S. 206, talked about the corps members that worked at the school. So, the words “City Year” have been tossed around in my household through half of my college career.  I gained more interest in the program when I personally researched City Year and went to an informational hosted by my college. The more I knew, the more I was moved by the mission of City Year.
Q: How do you think this year will connect with your long-term goals or career path?
My dreams are to help those who are lacking a good education and contribute to the world of art.  I think that City Year will help me use both of my interests because I am going to be educating children and will also be using my creativity on numerous occasions. My future career-path is not clear cut yet, but I know what drives me.
Q: What are you most excited about for your corps year?
Honestly, the children. I am very excited to meet the children I will be working with because I adore kids. I do not care how old they are, or even how crazy they may be able to drive me – I love being around them! My student teaching experience has truly shown me how tolerant and accepting I am towards all children.
Q:What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten that you’re going to keep with you for next year?
The most valuable advice I received while I was involved in student teaching was  “Think big” and “Don’t give up.” They are simple phrases but they pack a punch. I feel heartbroken when I hear children and young adults say that they “have no future” or they are “not good at anything.” All children have potential to do something amazing.

Complete this prompt: I can #makebetterhappen by….saying “Yes, you can!” with a smile!

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