To Our Newest Alumni, Welcome

Dear fellow City Year alumni,

2012-2013 corps members recite the Alumni Pledge. 2012-2013 corps members recite the Alumni Pledge.

I’m honored to be one of the first to welcome you to an elite group of idealists who knows what it means to wear the red jacket and proudly say “I served with City Year.”  Undoubtedly, each of us feels a different set of emotions when reflecting on our service year.  You may feel inspired, uplifted, and accomplished. You could feel exhausted, confused, and conflicted.  You may be walking away from your classroom knowing you are leaving it better than you found it, but you may also be a bit on edge, worrying about that one student who just couldn’t slay his dragons. No matter your experience or emotion I hope, and even expect, that each of you is overcome with pride.

I served two years with City Year Rhode Island from 2008 until 2010. I began as…

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