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This page provides examples of service projects that the NYCE Team has planned for service partners in the past. We are not limited to the projects on this page but this should provide a basic framework and inspiration for what is possible. If you have an idea, and you’re not sure about it, ask us!

Painting Projects

Wall Murals and Straight Painting: 
We have intricate and simple mural designs that volunteers can complete in a single day.  We work with our partners to create murals that complement their mission and audiences. In the past we have depicted famous achievers, quotes, geometric or natural patterns, or simply change the color of a wall.
Panel Murals: 
Panel murals come in various sizes and have the advantage of being mobile. These murals can be installed on walls and spaces that are otherwise unable to accept paint.
Playground Graphics: 
We have a wide range of outdoor painting projects from murals to playground graphics. These projects include running tracks, U.S. maps, and other educational playground games.

Construction Projects

 2012-10-18 17.17.44
Indoor/Classroom Builds: 
Indoor construction builds are functional woodworking projects. We can build basic classroom necessities such as tables and bookshelves, but have also done more customized projects such as push carts and stage backdrops. We do our best to fulfill all our partners custom needs.
Outdoor/Garden Builds: 
Outdoor construction builds will help you better utilize your outdoor spaces. We have project plans that include benches and garden beds, and have done custom projects such as combination bench-planter boxes and cold frames. We also transform existing garden area with weeding, trimming, and planting.

Alternative Service

Student Lessons/Service Projects:
We plan lessons and direct our volunteers in leading lessons with local students. The topics of these lessons range from recycling to literacy, and all stress teamwork and respect. They may also include a portion in which the students participate in the service of the day (i.e. painting signs for the school or transplanting plants).
 2012-11-15 13.52.38
Humanitarian Services: 
Humanitarian services are products intended to meet immediate human needs such as food and clothing. For example in the months following hurricane sandy we led volunteers in sandwich making, no-sew blankets, hygiene kits, and food drives.

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