Request a Project

Please view the guidelines below and click here to request a service day

At City Year New York, all service days are executed in cooperation with our corporate sponsors. The corporate sponsors provide the budget and man power for the day of service, and City Year finds the service partner (school, community center, shelter etc.), plans the projects, manages the logistics and prepares all materials for the day. On the day of service, the corporation sends in the volunteers who complete the projects with the guidance of City Year Corps Members.

These days can engage groups from 20 to 200 volunteers, and generally last for four hours. Service days often include a short break for lunch, and always start with all volunteers coming together to receive general instruction for the day. After projects are completed, volunteers leave the site and City Year cleans up. At City Year we have a strong belief in leaving a space better than we found it, so at the end of a service day the only evidence of the event will be the completed projects.

Service Partner Guidelines

The service partner refers to the organization receiving the service project. Service partners can include, but are not limited to:

  • Schools
  • Community Centers
  • Recreation Centers
  • Libraries
  • Health Clinics
  • Shelters
  • Community Gardens
  • Other Community Organizations and Non-Profits

If you are with an organization that would like to request a service day, we have a few requirements:

  • Need for projects (click here to see project ideas)
  • Space to gather all volunteers for kick-off event and closing (i.e. auditorium)
  • Indoor spaces to relocate volunteers in the event of rain
  • Space for material storage
  • Opportunity for City Year to prepare projects prior to event day

Getting a Service Day

If your program or organization meets these requirements for a service partner, Service Day Request Form and send to

Our team will assess all applications and begin the collaborative process of planning a community service day. Unfortunately, we plan a limited number of events and will not be able to accommodate all request.

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